Corporate donations

Current socio-economic and political circumstances require us to extend our services to an ever-increasing audience on a sustainable basis. To do this, we rely on a steady stream of assistance. A robust donor fund management system ensures that any support is used for the purpose for which it was intended.

There are many ways to use your sponsorship. You could:

•   Sponsor the CAPP programme at schools in your area and help us reach more than 70 000 children a year!
•   Sponsor the crisis line. We receive over 600 000 phone calls a year. Due to a lack of resources (not enough trained
     counsellors, phone lines and computer equipment) we have to drop 20% of these calls.  An average phone call costs
     R3,50 – your sponsorship could reduce that cost to nil.
•   Sponsor a safe house on a monthly or annual basis. R8000.00 covers the cost of taking care of one child for one year
     including food, medical care, schooling and any special counselling or therapy the child may need. Aside from the
     sponsorship, employees could visit the safe house and get to know the safe house mom and her 6 children
     and assist in non-monetary ways such as playing with the kids, taking them on a picnic, painting the house and
     assisting with any repair work, creating a garden – the list is endless.
•   Encourage your employees to make a monthly donation out of their own pocket which can be matched by a similar
     donation from the organisation
•   Sponsor the training and development of additional social workers. As one of the largest children’s Non-profit
     organisations in a heavily populated province, we are always looking to expand our services. But to do so, we rely on
     skilled and trained social workers and our funding often doesn’t enable us to expand our services as quickly as
     we would like.
•   Sponsor a Christmas party and Christmas presents. Each year, Childline hosts a number of Christmas parties for the
     thousands of children in our care – including the five satellite offices.
•   Sponsor the goodie bags that each child receives once the child is removed from an abusive environment. The bag
     contains a soft toy, toothbrush, face cloth, tracksuit and clean underwear.

These are just some ideas. If you would like to learn how your sponsorship could be put to good use, please contact us.