Anna Wansbrough-Jones, May 2014

The Main Issues Facing Children in Gauteng: A Brief Analysis of ChildLine Gauteng’s Annual Programme Data for the Year 2013 - 14

ChildLine Gauteng has found that children - primarily black children - suffer significantly as a result of the economic poverty, expectations from cultural norms, and the social tensions that characterise the province at large. These broad issues trickle down to affect children in various ways. The main reasons why children accessed ChildLine support services between 2013 and 14 included: conflict within families and in alternative care, discrimination, mental and physical abuse and neglect, concerns over children or a family member having a disability, and commercial exploitation. ChildLine’s annual findings suggest that many of Gauteng’s younger generation are growing up in insecure, unprotected and volatile environments; they live with high levels of mental, emotional and psychological drain as well as physical exertion and violence. Negative implications on children’s physical and mental development are inevitable outcomes. While twenty years of democracy in South Africa is something to celebrate, the situation of many children in Gauteng is not.

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