Wish List

The following items are needed by the organisation. Food and stationary are on-going requirements and we would welcome donations of these items as a cost saving against the budget.

Non-perishable foods for
Safe House Reception Centre
& Groups:
Asset Requirements: Toiletries: Stationery for Groups &
Tea Bags – Ceylon 1 x Laptop bag Toothpaste Paper for Printing
Tea Bags – Rooibos 10 Laptops Toothbrushes Exam Pads
Coffee 40 Desktop Computers Shampoo Pens
Sugar Fans x 7 Cotton Buds Pencils
Long life milk Electrical Extension cords Sanitary protection Glue sticks
Milk Laminating Machine Deodorant Flip Chart Stand
Jam Digital Camera x 2 Soap Flip Chart Paper
Peanut Butter Single Bed Linen Combs Manilla Folders
Oros or similar Book Shelves x 4 Vaseline File Fasteners
Mielie Meal Metal Filing Cabinets x 4 Face Cloths Erasers
Cereals Garden Umbrellas Body Lotion Post Its
Morvite Two plate stove x 2 Nappies Document Wallets
2 Minute Noodles Paper Shredder Baby Products Envelopes – varying sizes
Tinned Pilchards Colour Printer Dettol Plastic Sleeves
Tinned Corned Beef Tiling of offices in Soweto Panado Syrup Prestik
Baked Beans Heaters Borstol cough syrup Petty Cash Vouchers
Nan 1 & 2 Projector   Message Book
Purity TV’s Cleaning Materials: Crayons Pencil & Wax
Cerelac Pots Toilet Paper Colouring Books
    Tissues White Board Markers
Rice Child Development Groups: Air freshener Correction fluid
Packets of Soup Scarves Washing Powder Rubber Bands
Mayonnaise Fabric Handy Andy A3 Paper
Sweets / Treats Needles and thread Dishwashing liquid Khokis
Tuna Buttons Jik Poster Paint
Spaghetti & Meatballs Puzzles Domestos Paper Clips
Sweets / Treats Soccer & Rugby Balls Floor Cleaner Dividers
Biscuits Board games Furniture Polish Shorthand Notebooks
Peanuts & Raisins Black Boards Refuse Bags Sellotape
Small juice boxes/sachets Socks Insect Repellent Exercise Books
    Hand Wash Liquid Labels
Fresh Produce: Workshops: Hand Sanitiser Calculators
Bread Table clothes   Large Punch
Margarine Glasses Clothing: Large Stapler & Staples
Tomatoes Mugs Underwear-Boys & Girls Scissors
Onions Teaspoons School Uniforms & shoes A3 Batteries
Potatoes Side plates 2nd Hand clothing Maths Sets
Carrots Platters   Glitter Sticks
Cabbage Kettles / Urns   Paint brushes
Meat- mince, chicken, wors. Folding tables   Play Dough
Fruit Folding chairs   Coloured A4 Cardboard