On the 13-06-2013 I will be climbing Mt Elbrus. Standing at 5642m, Elbrus is the tallest mountain in Europe which makes it part of the 7 Summits Club. The entire mountain of Elbrus is covered by an immense sheet of ice that takes up 145 square kilometers and in some places reaches a thickness of 400m.From the col that divides the two peaks, the white slopes of Mount Elbrus descend gently splitting up into tongues of ice and crevasses .Most climbers had not forgotten that Elbrus was 835m higher than Mont Blanc, they’d just forgotten that Europe extended into Russia. Mount Elbrus (5642m)dominates the countryside of the central Caucasus like a two-headed icy giant. The peak is often referred to as the ‘Little Antarctica’

Last year with the help of Discovery Employees and the CSI match we raised a remarkable R105,000.00 for Childline by climbing Kilimanjaro. Whilst this was an awesome feet, I believe that if Discovery people pull together (as we do) can reach closer to R250,000.00, where you come in! I write to you to request your generous donation to this campaign to raise much needed funds for Childline.

Childline promotes a culture of respect for all children’s rights by offering preventative, promotional, supportive and intervention services primarily through accessible telephone counseling.

Donating is easy and seamless with 18a for Tax Rebates available on request. Thank you for taking the time to not only read this but for your donation. We’re taking up a gopro cam to capture every bit of the adventure and we’ll