Counselling & support

At Childline, we believe that every child’s story deserves a happy ending. This is why we place so much emphasis on counselling which helps children process what has happened to them and allows them to go on and live happy and fulfilled lives. Childline provides 10 000 support and counselling sessions to children and adults every year.

Our trained and compassionate social workers provide a range of counseling and support services to abused children and in so doing, strengthen the child protection system. These services include:
•   Assessment for all vulnerable children
•   Therapy for abused and traumatized children and their families
•   Play and family therapy
•   Grief counselling for children who have lost their family members
•   Support for adult survivors of abuse
•   Group therapy
•   Safe emergency care services for children in need of immediate removal from an abusive environment – referral
     to the Sunlight Safe House
•   Court preparation of child witnesses and forensic court reports
•   Counselling for families of children who are HIV/AIDS infected as a result of abuse
•   Therapy to develop patterns and practices of responsible sexuality for abused children who have developed
     behavioural problems
•   Working with professionals employed by other child protection agencies and service providers, such as SAPS,
     the justice department, social workers and school teachers
•   Development of holiday programmes including life skills for vulnerable children