Advocacy & lobbying

At Childline we believe that a child has the right to be a child. Every day, we work to build a safer South Africa for children by actively advocating for the rights of children. Childline SA’s Joan van Niekerk has worked relentlessly at developing national policy and lobbying for appropriate legislation in every facet of child development and protection for more than 20 years. Childline’s successes include policy contributions to the Children’s Act; Child Justice Bill and Sexual Offences Act to name but a few.

Childline Gauteng’s role is to ensure that this legislation and policy does in fact make a real difference to every child whose rights have been violated and that there is some form of redress. This includes all children’s rights as per section 28 of the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights. We don’t work alone, whether it be engaging with a legal company to assist us with obtaining birth certificates and legal placements as per the Children’s Act or referring a child whose rights have been violated to the services of one of our strategic alliances.

We acknowledge that well-developed policy and legislation is powerless without awareness. We promote and educate South Africans about children’s rights through media campaigns and targeted community programmes.